Monday, 1 February 2010

Mix Monday #4

Morning all... new week, new tunes, some phat new mixes and one very special live essential mix all the way from Edinburgh and one of my favourite producers of the last few years, Hostage. Well done dude, you truly deserve it for the hard work and generosity you've shown us all in the past.
Let's get to it!

This essential mix has everything that tipifies a good night out... sweaty basements, loud drunk people getting down and dirty, and bass that makes your heart shudder. Annie laid down the perfect warm-up for the main man Alan to serve up a plate of ginger tipped, rave bonkerness, enjoy.

1. Hostage – Valhalla
2. Mightyfools – Hoo Haa
3. Hostage – I Get High
4. Lee Mortimer & Laid Back Luke – Blau
5. Black Noise – Jungle Iz Em VIP
6. Hostage – Murder Rocket
7. Altern-8 – Frequency (Hostage Remix)
8. Sound of Stereo – Zipper
9. Ego Noise – Kick Da Music
10. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok
11. DJ Manaia ft. Deize Tigrona – Sobrevivente de Rave
12. Gtronic – Iron Man
13. Jennifer Delano – Amsterdam (RipTidE Remix)
14. The Oddword feat Gtronic – Chop Chop
15. Sawgood – CTRL your Brain (Calvertron Remix)
16. Sub Focus – Could This Be Real
17. Kamo & Crooked – Vampires VIP
18. Joe Smooth – Promised Land

I'm kind of in the mood for some filth this week and Drop The Lime played in London over the weekend at the Cliche Warehouse party with Joe & Will Ask. If you missed him, well then your just a spanner aren't you. Anyway before the gig he ran past this little mix for your pleasure. Big, bad tunes!

1. Belle Caviglie – Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel
2. Brand New – dubplate
3. Everything Cool (GTRONIC Remix) – Foamo
4. Rage – Partysquad
5. Night Of The Hornheadz – Act Yo Age Feat. Drop The Lime
6. Play The Record Again – AC Slater
7. Bingo – Mele
8. Pon De Floor – Major Lazer (Drop The Lime Remix)
9. Drop Down – Designer Drugs (Savage Skulls Remix)
10. Devils Eyes – Drop The Lime (Tomb Crew Remix)
11. Badman Sound – Doctor P
12. Hornbo – Matt Cant & Scattermish (Sticky K Remix)
13. Serenade – Skillioso
14. Set Me Free Feat, Carrie Wilds - Drop The Lime

Now, finally to finish on... with more of a stipped back vibe... here is the latest White Light mix from one of the biggest dawgs in the game, Neoteric. Here showcasing a slightly different side to his taste, that I've grown to love, along with the whole ethos of White Light Mixes. They are timeless, each one, cherry picked for prime listening, chilling pleasure. Please check out some of the others as well. Neoteric also wrote a synopsis for the mix, highlighting what I feel speaks volumes for the series.
"It's been amazing to see this series blossom into what it has become! My last White Light mix (Vol 5) was one of my favourite mixes that I've ever done, but I wanted to go deeper on this one to really catch the 'Night Driving / Zone Out' vibe. This one is much less vocal, way more mind trip, and features some very strong productions from acts who are really pushing this sound. This is pretty heady, moody stuff, and the vocals that were picked resonate strongly with emotion. I hope this mix strikes a nerve and is the cosmic soundtrack along your ways. Look towards the light!"

1. St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Aeroplane Remake)
2. The Revenge - Night Flight
3. Lorenz Rhode - Like a Player (Shazam Remix)
4. Chalk Hill - Love Made Real
5. Lexx - Axis Shift
6. Metronomy - Do The Right Thing (Wild Geese Remix)
7. 40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off feat. Qzen (Brennan Green Mix)
8. Glossy - Payama
9. Late Nite Tuff Guy - A Deal with God
10. Joakim - Spiders
11. Pete Herbert - Yo Drums
12. Noise Up - Over And Over Again
13. Walter Jones - I Am Loved
14. Ali Love - Diminishing Returns (Eli Escobar Remix)
15. Knightlife - All Systems
16. Da Hardy Boyz - Here I Am (Runaway Remix)
17. Hugg & Pepp - Sweet Rosie (Turbo Edit)
18. Colder - To The Music
19. Noise Up - Over And Over Again
20. Van She - (Don't Fear) The Reaper


  1. aw man thank you for posting the mix! and the great write up!

  2. No worries mate, loving the whole series - breath of fresh air!

  3. I'll add to that with much gusto!