Saturday, 20 February 2010

Introducing... Kastle.

This is going to be a quick post, as I really need to crack on with some uni work tonight. Anyway, want you all to check out this new mix from a new artist, Kastle. So new in fact, it's only been off the ground since December. This mix is from January, but that really means nothing when you look at a tracklisting like this.

Perfect vibes, awesome bass, and the cheekiest cover of Radiohead I've ever heard. A new side project from one of the US scene's biggest players (you know that dude B.Rich right? of course you do) and with a forthcoming release on Starkey's Seclusiasis, Kastle is set for a big, big, big year... This is BIG!

DJ Madd - I Know It's You
Tek-One - Wax Poetic
Wedge - Running Away (Guido Remix)
NastyNasty - Damn Girl
Zero 7 - Everything Up (Joker & Ginz Remix)
SDUK - Clunge
Julissa Veloz - Take Control (HavocNdeeD Remix)
Joker - City Hopper
Example - Won't Go Quietly (Kastle Remix)
Kano - Rock N Roller (Starkey Remix)
NastyNasty - No Names
Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy (12th Planet Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Pariah Remix)
Kastle - Fitter Happier (Radiohead Cover)
Alix Perez - 1984
Instra:Mental - Watching You
D:Bridge - Wonder Where
Subwave - First Time
Well Being - Without A Doubt w/ Robert Manos - Silver
Mutt - Conversations ft. Kevin King
Burnkane - You Will Forget ft James J K Hughes
Ill.gates & Filastine - Waiting For Initiation
Wax Tailor - We Be ft Ursula Rucker
Sade - Soldier Of Love (Kastle Remix)
Izaak Stern - DF Tripper
Jogger - Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Uffie ft. Mr Oizo - MCs Can Kiss (Starkey Remix)
Geeneus - Yellowtail VIP
VV Brown - Unity (Cooly G Remix)
Shavana - Feeling Shy (1QY & F@Z Remix)
Mosca - Square One (Greena Remix)