Monday, 8 February 2010

Mix Monday #5

I cannot express to you enough my deepest apologies for the lack of content in the turn of the year. My dissertation has been driving me round the wall and last week I had to be in court at a witness and I've had a couple of family problems and AHHHHH! I want to curl up into a ball and go to sleep for the next five years! I've also been having laptop problems as the new soundcard I've bought is being a prick to me, and meh, no more excuses, let's just get to it. New week, new tunes, new mixes!

Also a girl called Lilly asked me to put her in this post... Hi.

Riva Starr was definitely one of my favourite producers of 2009 and the biggest hopes for dance music in 2010 as he continues his world domination. The album has been released, it is Brilliant. The new single has been released, also equally Brilliant! And now He's been offered an Essential Mix from Radio 1... which is bordering on absolutely perfect!!! If you've not heard of this man before, then please smack yourself before heading straight for the download button below and get in the know!!!

Fingers Inc. - My House
Steve Mac - SNATCH!
Rachel Barton - Who Knows (Camel Remix)
Renaissance Man - Babbadabba Vs. The Bucketheads (Riva Starr THE BOMB' Re-chunk)
Adam Port & Sante - OWN
Jungle Brothers -I’ll House You
Lil Louis - French Kiss
Kink - Don’t Hold Back
Lucio & Pep - Rainforest
Shlomi Aber & Kenny Larkin - Sketches (Shlomi Aber Version)
Albin Myers -Boom! (Boomappella)
Riva Starr - JUMP
S-xpress -Theme From S-Xpress (Riva Starr Remix)
Jay Blyss Vs 6th Borough - In The Groove (Riva Starr Re-chunk)
Riva Starr - MORE
Bruch - Fiesta De La Resistencia(white) Vs J. Anderson – Karimba
Noze – You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden Mouthappella)
Die Vogel - Blaue Moschee (Pampa)
Claude VonQ - Disco Chords (Riva Starr Re-chunk)
David Keno - Upside Down
Janet Jackson - When I Think Of Carola
Riva Starr - I Was Drunk ft. Noze (DJ Sneak Remix)
Soul Grabber – Part 3
Bodenstanding 2000 - Saureschnauze
Daft Punk - Burning (Riva Starr Re-shuffle)
Riva Starr - Pump
DV T vs. Superskank - DIS 96 (Riva Starr Re-chunk)
Sandy Swing - Rare Music (Riva Mash up)
Saint Germain – So Flute (Riva rechunk)
Reboot – Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix Dub)
Inner City - Good Life (Carl Craig Acappella)
Riva Starr - Dance Me ft. Trim (Jesse Rose Dub)
Riva Starr - Black Mama
Viktor Goes Kalifornia (Riva Booty)
Reboot - El Loco
Riva starr -T ribute
The Doors - The End (Riva Starr Re-trip)

Got a great new mix from Squeaky Bleeps favourite Highbloo who will be making his debut gig in the UK next month at the world famous Kool Kids Klub. I'll definitely be down to catch Luca, I shall keep you informed on all the info for this gig!
In the meantime please get in the know with this guys mix... BIG new tunes included!
Check out his other material too, here on HypeM.

Since january 2009, HighBloo has been working on lot of productions with a sweet mix between Midget, Dirty Dutch and Minimal Techno. His tracks caught the eye of many influencing blogs (Fabric London and Buzzendirekt) and he already got supported by the likes of international DJ's, Brodinski, Sound of Stereo, Don Rimini and Sharkslayer.
His two firsts EP will be out almost at the same time on two different labels, one on Top Billin Recordings and the other one on the brand new label of the belgian entertainers "PARTYHARDERS". Keep and eye out for HighBloo this year.

Hector Couto - Danza Del Aqua
Paul Cooper - Thre 3
Femme en Fourrure - Plump Bisquit
Museum - French Jeans (Style of Eye remix)
Milton Channels & Sebastien Reza - Zutra
Andrea Roma - Berkin (Spartaque Remix)
Sheff - Planet K (Piatto Remix)
Dyno - Notturna
Vïce - Ha Ha Ho Hay
Mastiksoul - Back to the 80's ft. George Lianes Jr.
Schlachthofbronx - Ayoba ft. Spoek & Gnucci Banana (HighBloo Remix)
Oliver twizt - Gangsterdam (Nom de Strip Remix)
Richard Vision & Static Revenger - I Like That ft. Luciana (Angger Dimas Remix)
HighBloo - My Orkestar
Spencer & Hill vs. Dave Darrel - It's a Smash (Dave Darrel Remix)
Will Bailey & Mickey Hook - Turn ow the Intro (Afrojack Remix)
HighBloo - My Sitar
Guillaume et The Coutu Dumonts - Safety Meetings

Lastly is an exclusive mix from Perth based DJ, Dooz Le Witz. A completely unknown to me until a few hours ago when my speakers were literally brought to life by this fantastic mix. Get in the know with this mix... and I know nothing about you, but dude, please get back to me with some more material!!!!! Tracklisting is live in this mix, also includes a top boot of Foamo's remix of Skank featuring Kano, which appeared on Buraka Som Sistema's Fabriclive album I'm a huge fan of. Anyway... download now, shut up and listen!

Bite Your Lip (Congorock Remix) - Blatta & Inesha
Nervous Wobblers (Scott Harris Bone Shaker Remix) - Kid Komas
Ripgroove 2009 (The Count Remix) - Double 99
Rock This Intro (Dan Aux's Edit) - R3hab
What A Bass - Malente & Jay Robinson
Wile Out - DJ Zinc Feat. Ms Dynamite
Skank & Move (Foamo Remix) (Dooz Le Witz's 'Horny' Bootleg) - Buraka Som Sistema
Samir's Theme - King Amir
Got Line - Dooze Jackers
Sacanagem - Zombies For Money
Knock You Out (Kick The Break VIP) - Black Noise
Get Busy (Lee Mortimer Remix) - Bassmonkeys & Bianca Lindgren
Set It Off - Will Bailey & Hot Mouth
African Chant (Top Billin Remix) - Scottie B & King Tutt
We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank's 'Somos Tus Amigos' Remix) - Justice Vs. Simian
Drop Down - Designer Drugs
Boom Riddim (Sharkslayer Remix) - Rico Tubbs
Gay Dentists - Mr. Oizo
Flashback (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix) - Wolfgang Gartner
Stompin' Feat. Drew (Blatta & Inesha's Put It In Your Puss Remix) - Kick Oh!

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