Sunday, 21 February 2010

White Light #19 - Your Boy Brian

Some easy sunday afternoon/evening listening here from the latest installment in the White Light Mix Series. I posted up #18 a couple of weeks ago, also slightly late with this one, but wanted to wait until I had a Sunday to post it for you. Tracklisting as usual, is impeccable, and some great classics in this mix, Pet Shop Boys, respect!

The latest mix has been compiled by Ontario's Your Boy Brian, who is by trade more of a commercial DJ than an underground DJ or Producer. It's interesting for me to see such a diverse taste from someone whos used to playing the likes of Riverside and Show Me Love week in week out. It's definitely a positive thing to see people in the business with an eclectic sound; spurs me on to keep writing about up and coming new music. Also, top DJ name. My dad's name is Brian, just thought I'd throw that out there, randomly, for no apparent reason.

Anyway, before I get all soppy and start to sound like David Cameron at a mother's meeting, let's get down to the mix with a foreword from Brian himself... p.s. I really do hope that's his real name.

White Light. Music. Space. Time. Heaven.
"This mix was a pleasant departure from all the commercial gigs i've been taking on lately. It's sorta paced like a movie / square rpg; little peaks and valleys, a few bittersweet melodies, a cathartic finish and then the credits roll. It's also makes for decent listening while you're doing crossword puzzles."

The XX - Intro (Extended Edit)
Masanori Ikeda - City Lights
Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly
The Rah Band - Message From The Stars
Bwh - Stop
Pacific! - Villanova Sunset
Defender - Bliss
Sebastien Leger - Victory (Lifelike Flashing Victory Vision Remix)
DJ DLG - Memories
Marchand - Starlove
Capsule - I'm Feeling You
Zoot Woman - Information First
New Order - Perfect Kiss
Mille - Stargazers
Ronald Jenkees - Outer Space

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