Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Introducing... Girl Unit

Today, I'm introducing you to yet another up and coming producer... and the next special delivery from the Night Slugs boys we know better as, L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok. Back in January, we were graced with the epic launch of the Night Slugs label, and Mosca's Square One EP... two original productions and five remixes deep, NS001, was a simply awesome debut.

They say that second and third releases are the hardest part of game, but make no mistake, Night Slugs have done it again with their forthcoming releases With NS002, Egyptrixx - The Only Way Up coming out Monday and then next month, NS003... Girl Unit - I.R.L.
Hailed as Jan Driver's Rat Alert meets Juke @ 135... I.R.L. is certainly going to force your attention as much as this promo mix Girl Unit has made available for our listening pleasure in the build up to the release, next month.

I've been following Girl Unit on and off over the past 6 weeks or so since I heard Bok Bok play I.R.L live on Ustream... if this mix is up your street then head over to Girl Uni's MySpace where there's plenty more action on offer.

1. GIRL UNIT – Temple Keys
2. Hardrive ft. Lynae – Never Forget When You Touch Me (Dubbel Dutch edit)
3. DJ Sdunkero – Choosing Love
4. Ikonika – Dckhdbtch
6. Sekta ft. Spoek Mathambo – Peter Pan (Dubbel Dutch remix inst.)
7. Roulet – Kitamanda (GIRL UNIT remix)
8. Rishi Romero – African Forest
9. Marcus Price – Var E Naaken (Bok Bok remix)
10. Jay R. Revlon – The Godzilla Ha
11. Jam City – A/Arpjam
12. DJ Assault – Vandalism
13. K.G. – 808
15. Jagged Edge ft. Trina & Gucci Mane – Tip Of My Tongue (Inst.)
17. Terror Danjah ft. Swindle – Kiss Chase (Inst.)
18. Justin Timberlake – My Love (Inst.)
19. Asia Cruise – Boyfriend
20. Mike V. – Feelings
21. Leatherface – Requiem
22. DJ Solo – Juk3-tron
23. DJ Nehpets – GJM Trax 2
24. J.O.H – Goom
25. Kingdom – RedBaron Juke
26. Aaron-Carl – For The Money
27. DJ Spinn – Breezy
28. DJ Assault – Sometimes (Inst.)
29. Mister Ries – Sugar (Kill Frenzy remix)
30. DJ Rashad ft. DJ Gant-Man – U See Dem Hoes ‘09
31. DJ Deeon – I Hope Its U (Juke Mix)

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