Thursday, 18 March 2010

Introducing... RipTidE

Now... today I have a bit of a special treat for you in the form of a feature on one of the most exciting new producer's in the world right now. He exploded onto the scene halfway through 2009 with a remix of Jennifer Delano's Amsterdam. I'd imagine a lot of you have heard that remix in some form or another over the past 8 months or so... and hats of to him as it ended up getting a release on the mighty Kitsune, along with a remix from BeatauCue in January of this year.

He's gained support from the likes of Erol Alkan, Aeroplane, Boys Noize, Brodinski, Fake Blood, and Tommie Sunshine among many others. I feel that Tommie Sunshine's description ("it sounds like how drugs feel") of RipTidE's sound, is the best one I've come across.

Now I realise I'm quite late in the day to be declaring my undying love for RipTidE, but the truth is far simpler than that. Since January, RipTidE has been able to quit his job and focus solely on music... freeing up time for some new tunes.

In the past couple of months he's got a new release in the pipeline... the Fireleaf EP, with remixes from Hidden Cat and Clashes; as well as three new remixes, all with release dates in the near future. There's also a new tunes called Fk Me that I've been battering dance floors with for the past couple of months below for you to listen to as well.

Now this is a quick heads up, as I want to focus solely on getting the music into your eyes quickly... and I'd really appreciate your feedback by commenting on the other Soundcloud links below. The remix of Stop The Noise is pretty damn special!

Blaze Tripp vs Redial - Stop The Noise / RipTidE RMX by RipTidE

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