Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tune Tuesday #9

Hey all... got some tunes for your ears today, they will thank me in spades... top sounds and vibes all round and some great exclusives for you this week... get ready for the noise, and please remember to support these artists, if any tickle your fancy ;)

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Le Vamp's Marvellous Medicine Remix)
Now, a completely new producer for you today who also goes under the name of Attack Yourself! You may have heard some of his material before, and if you're a regular poster on the Erol Alkan forum then you will know Le Vamp in one way or another as his alter ego Attack Yourself!. A pumping funky vibe, big bassline to boot... and sampling a wee bit of Afronuts I hear in there maybe... cheeky ;).

Crookers - Remedy ft. Miike Snow (Jeuce Rework)
I hadn't heard of Jeuce until recently, and testament to their persistance, sending me their material over the past few weeks that I've really warmed to their style. Remedy has definitely been my favourite of Crookers' recent material over the past few months. Animals was good, but a bit of a play now, bin later tune... and No Security never stood up a single on it's own. However, Remedy has dawned on a new Crookers' sound that I'd to see more of in the future.

Beenie Man - Dude (TLGB Remix)
Now here's is a remix to keep you on your toes, I don't think I've listened to this or for that matter heard it in a club since I was about 14 and used to go to those really tacky under 18s parties... where you saw more fish than fosters... I'll let you make what you will of that comment what you wish. Nonetheless, I still fucking love this tune... it's perfect dancefloor cheese and deserves a welcome return. This shall undoubtedly be my weapon of choice tomorrow night at my 16+ residency... let's see if we can rekindle some of that 'Birds Eye' flavour... haha.... grim.

Pitchwit - Bulletproof ft. J Dog
Something a little different for you now... some straight up post-Justice electro from Pitchwit that is really reminding me of Phantom Pt. II in places... certainly the lead riff anyway. If you think otherwise, then I'm sorry, you have been shown to door. Enough to the similarities though, as it's been a while since I've listened to something similar to Justice recently, where I've wanted to hit the play button again.
This is the first release from new label Sic Outfit... welcome to the party lads... More of this please!!!

Autokratz - Skin Machine
The London based duo return after a hugely successful year in my opinion in 2009. I was lucky enough to catch them on tour, and was really impressed by the diversity of their live show. A multitude of equipment and gadgetry... making for a top show.
Skin Machine is a wee taster of what's to come in 2010 for Autokratz with a new EP coming soon on Kitsune, titled Kick... I shall of course keep you posted.

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