Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Apple Fritter - Bedroom Rave Vol. 2

Hey peeps, I finished a new mix last week, I've been a bit busy with Uni in the last month so I didn't get a chance to make a meaningful mix for May. In turn, I thought I'd record a set I played at uni a few weeks ago, done on the third take after some very interesting errors relating to some irritating bass kill buttons on my mixer, damn you Behringer! It's the second mix in my bedroom rave series that isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, but just something you should put on in the evening or times when you need to let off a bit of steam.

Anyway here it is... the track selection is a bit Jack Beats heavy, but it kind of gives you and idea of the kind of style I like to play when I DJ. It's quite different to Ben's, I'm more of an all out, whatever blows, throw a bass kick there, hook there, and see what happens, but I was quite happy with how this turned out... let me know what you think :). Incase you were wondering, the intro I nicked from Stupid Fresh's Mid Summer Feltch mixtape from last summer, which I edited down a wee bit. Enjoy...


1. Stupid Fresh & Stella MC Intro
2. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong
3. Jack Beats ft. Dynamite MC - What (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
4. CJ Bolland - Sugar Sweeter (Twocker Remix)
5. Jack Beats - Radio 1 Minimix Intro
6. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (AC Slater Remix)
7. Jack Beats ft Dynamite MC - What (Foamo Edit)
8. Audio Bullys - Dope Fiend (Tommie Sunshine & Udachi Remix)
9. TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix: Jack Beats Edit)
10. Chase & Status - Saxon
11. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix: Last Japan Edit)

I'm hopefully going to have two new mixes done by the end of the month, the third in the bedroom rave series, but also the first in a new series thats more Breaks/Funk/Grime influenced. Sorry also if any of you were wondering where the Bugged Out! review was on Wednesday, I kind of fell asleep writing it at 4am on Wednesday morning hehe, so thought I'd leave it until tomorrow. Hope you're all having a great weekend, just incase you didn't know, Bloody Beetroots are playing @ Egg tonight, BIG!

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