Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Devil's Water

Camden Canal at 5am  - The Devil's Water... I'd certainly not drink it.

On the way back from a night out recently a combination of TFL's absolute failure and an earlier sunrises than I'd anticipated meant that I decided to walk  along the canal for longer than I do normally.  This just so happened to coincide with my Iphone (on shuffle) putting on  Rennie Foster's Devil's Water.  After a long night of aural assault, the housey beat that kicks Devil's Water off was not what I was really looking to listen to - but I was too tired too turn it off, so I walked on and just as the vocals came in at 1:55 I rounded the corner to the sun rising and the duck you see in the photo above - it was one of those 'film' moments where everything lines up perfectly and a moment of time is crystallized for ever along with a piece of music - maybe not as impressive as Jim Morrison soundtracking Marlon Brando's sunrise in Apocalypse Now, or as Ian McCulloch soundtracking Jake Gyllenhaal's post apocalyptic visions, but it was something. And probably more to do with how amazing the song is than anything else.  Devil's Water was released last year on Rebirth Records - and if I had a chance to redo my end of year charts after that moment, then it would have featured very highly.  Listen to it below, or head over to Beatport and support one of the most suprising and innovative house releases I've heard in a very long time!

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