Friday, 12 June 2009

The Bleeps Week #4

Morning all... how everyone is having a good week... not only is the economy looking like its recovering (finally) but that Ronaldo tosser looks like he's finally decided to deport himself, rejoyce!
Some really good nights on up town this weekend with the Scratch Perverts album launch party @ Fabric tonight, Markus Shultz playing @ Ministry,
got some real bangers for you this week that I've been tearing my sub to shreds with this week.
Some seriously crunkin' wobble action here that twists and turns into absolute dancefloor carnage, taking Santi's collab one stage closer to crowning Major Lazer as surely the act of the year. I just need to get me some 320 Pon De Floor action in my life. It lacks some deeply!

Well RM's tech-house banger Spraycan may be currently destroying clubs the world over right now, but his newly released tune has been given a much needed make over from techno's ghetto boy Riva Starr. There's one minute sound on this tune I absolutely bum, it sounds like an elastic bang being pinged against something, put with the cut out vocals is makes for a really fresh new sound.

Apologies on the low qualityness of this, but I doubt anyone has this is in anything above 96k at the moment. I will say this though, having heard it out on a big system a couple of weeks ago I can honestly say, what a rootin' tootin' ridiculous tune! This is going to be big!

Here is a little remix/edit from a dude who calls himself Luckism who has sent us over something really special that we want to share with you tomorrow. I've given it a wee Beastie Boys vocal on the drop first and some pans to give it a little edge, a better more polished version in 320 shall be on the way to you next week ;).

Finally here's a simply amazing Drum and Bass tune that I've been a huge fan of in the past few years. It's only been made available on Vinyl on Diluted Recordings, and I've only been able to gain a low quality version in MP3 quality, but seriously get locked onto this!
Possibly the best intro song to a DnB set there is.

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