Friday, 26 June 2009

"You were such a PYT... catching all the lights!!!"

Ok, so I'm not really going to get into the whole MJ thing, I think I say it for a lot of people when I say "He'll be missed". However, rather than acting like some kind of celeb gossip column or like the endless array of blogs out there spreading his original tunes once again , causing more internet panic than an outbreak of swine flu, I thought I'd link you to a few good remixes of his material, in keeping with the dancey spirit, seeing as it is now officially the weekend! To start you off I thought You'd enjoy this...

Hahaha... took me a while to source this but I knew I'd find it! that mash-up is the stuff of legend... I don't think there is a 320 version available anywhere however though, sorry! Anyway here's the rest of the ones I think are worth a mention! Also thanks to Melting Wing on the Erol Alkan forum, who via the forum linked me to this top pic ;). Enjoy the rest of the tunes...

I'm quite impressed I put them all in alphabetical order hehe!
However, the all time best MJ remix has to go to the one and only Bushwacka. I have listened to this more times than I care to imagine in the last couple of years, it's a certainly the best one out there for me :)... keeping things original but pumping!

Then there is the epic D.A.N.C.E by the legends Justice, which was written by the pair in tribute to the great man. Many didn't actually get this until they told everyone, but if you listen to the vocals you can understand exactly what they are talking about!

and finally of course, no blog post about the great man is ever complete without the epic Cheap Thrills... Herve we love you dearly and if you do not play Cheap Thrills tonight @ Matter, then I will hunt you down and burn you on a stake then deliver you to Sinden's house inside a meat freezer after of course I have stolen all of your DJing secrets from your mind using Uri Geller!

I hope you all have a great weekend and just a pre warning I'm going to Magaluf on Monday with my lads from secondary school for a wee holiday and Ben probably won't be back from Glastonbury until Tuesday evening... but I will schedule a few posts for the week that I'm gone so don't worry ;).

I thought I'd end on a solumn note, and a lovely video that I was linked to via the Erol forum once again... Its a fan video with 'P.Y.T.' in the background and I think it sums up the great man wonderfully I think!

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