Friday, 5 June 2009

The Squeaks Week #4

Got some interesting tunes for you this week, of course keeping things in the uplifting, melodic kind of manor. Something has struck me this week, that I really need to listen to more of these tunes, I've spent so much time trying to find the next 'banger' that I've neglected some of the tunes that really matter. The ones that make you melt with genius, and these are no exception!

Now I wouldn't normally place Calvertron in this kind of brow of music, but there's something about this track which makes it a bit more than just a bassline covered in layers of tidy synths. It's got a bit of passion in there, and soul that really shines through from the dude's production skills. It's not the sort of tune that I've come to expect from Calvertron, but after his amazing remix of Infinity 2008 last year, it's fair to say we'll be seeing a bit more from the man in this style, and I'd happily lap it up!

Some nice 100bpm instrumental hip hop for you here - french producer Tayreeb lays down some serious tune action - the drums glisten and click like hip hop should, and the synths have that kind of wonky feel that has getting so much attention in the dubstep scene recently.  It's music with soul, and that little 'huh' vocal sample propels it along very nicely.  One of my complaints with a lot of instrumental hip hop is that there's no punch to it - but this tune is exactly the opposite, with enough punch to get any dancefloor moving.  It's part of Tayreeb's compilation album for Stereotree - Beat Heroes Vol. 2.  You can cop the rest of that comp here and I recommend you get on it - real summer music.

Nice slice of summery disco for you next - Marius Vareid's Skumle Planer released on Full Pupp.  Just some nice ascending synth lines and a slow driving disco beat - simple but effective.

Cop this for some proper beast techno action - Popof's new EP is out now on Form, called the High & Down EP.  At first the title track was my favourite, but this has fast overtaken it.  That breakdown must have required some serious synth programming - but its worth it when it drops with that cathartic bassline.  Make sure you pick up the whole EP, you can grab it from Beatport here

Euphoric electronica from this Swiss trio to finish us off today - a soaring bed of synths with brooding vocals that complement them perfectly.

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