Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Here Come The Flow... Aquasky are back!

Aquasky, one of the most influencial artists of the entire Nu Skool Breaks scene for me, have recently turned their attention to 'the other scene' as some breakbeat heads like to call it. I am of course talking about the bass, fidget/dubstep, u-know-what-I-mean scene. Although, Aquasky haven't dived straight in and gone all hammer and tong without some thought, nit picking at the best tunes being put out onto blogs these days. They've actually got a pretty unique sound going on, and it doesn't completely stray from their breakbeat roots, something that has really pleased myself :D. Dipping into the old Big-Beat scene (BIG-BEAT FTW!) they've managed to even grasp some reggae influences from the old Dub scene and incorporate them into their own new sound.

In the past I've been very puzzled as how to pronounce this trio's name, saying it Aqwass-Kee. However, I was finally put out of my misery after the first 3 minutes of this amazing new mix as it is indeed pronouned Aqua-Sky. Although I have also been informed recently that Aqua Ski, prounced the way I said Aquasky is an unkknown pseudonum of the trio. Learn something new every day I support

Anyway back to the music now, with an amazing mix I've been banging out all weekend... cop a load of this!

1 ‘Took the Night’ (Detboi Night remix) – Chelley
2 ‘Dirty Bass’ – Jackamo
3 ‘You Know We Do It Big’ – Aquasky & SliPZ & DaPZ (forthcoming on Passenger)
4 ‘In Da VIP’ (Project Bassline Dub mix) – Wideboys and Majestic
5 ‘Soundboy Massive’ (Herve & Detboi) – Machines Dont Care
6 ‘Outta Control’ – Aquasky & Sporty-O (forthcoming on Passenger)
7 ‘Hardcore Girls’ (Project Bassline instrumental remix) – The Count & Sinden
8 ‘18 Years’ – Jonny L and Horx
9 ‘Ready For War’ – Tonka
10 ‘Check The Blast’ – Black Noise
11 ‘Lush’ (Herve’s Tree & Leaf remix) – Orbital
12 ‘Fuck Work’ (Andy George remix) – Cubic Zirconia
13 ‘You A Star’ – Aquasky & Goldmouf (forthcoming on Passenger)
14 ‘You A Star’ (VIP) – HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz
15 ‘3Klane’ (Dubble Step edit) – Joker & Jakes
16 ‘Where’s My Money’ (Dubble Step edit) – TC & Caspa
17 ‘Wheel It’ – Tonka
18 ‘Handbagger’ (Baobinga remix) edit – ID

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