Thursday, 4 June 2009

L-Vis 1990

You'll have read about L-Vis 1990 on these pages before - he's one of my favourite producers, and a definite tip to be big in 2009 - I've been waiting for literally months for news about his next release - it's called United Groove, and fellow Night Slugs resident Bok Bok told me back in January that it should be out sometime mid 2009 on Mad Decent... and that day has finally come.  The full video is now up on youtube (the only place you could hear the song before was in L-Vis mixes), and the vinyl is available for pre - order over at the Mad Decent online store here.  I'm definitely gonna be jumping on that vinyl - the artwork looks really amazing, and there's a previously unheard B side - 'Come Together'.

Check the video below - it's well worth seeing.  L-Vis put it together himself, and it's got some awesome dancing from Sims type characters.

Hearing the song in full has made me even more excited for this release - that funky bongo drum beat at the beginning is completely hypnotic, and those synth stabs are hot enough to set any dancefloor moving.  L-Vis keeps on bringing up the tension with those ascending and descending synth lines, and then it all gets released at 2 mins with some glorious bass.  Get on this, I've no doubt you'll be hearing it everywhere.

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