Monday, 15 June 2009

Stupid Fresh Artist Feature

Got some top summer tunes action for you this week with the masters of New Funky House (I mean actual funky house, which is nothing to do with the current UK Funky scene).
They cross-over in ways with the fidget/crack/wonk/whatever-you-want-to-call-it scene, but I find they're beats a lot more funky than wonky.

Stupid Fresh are Tod Hodge and Chris Elliot from somewhere in the UK, I've not been able to find out exactly where and they've previously released tracks on Vacation, SoulCandi, Freek and Micky Slim's label Bombsquad Records; as well as having a track featured on Ministry of Sound's Electro House Session.
They've not exactly new to the scene, and where very prominent in 2008 with a series of hot releases that turned heads from many areas of the house scene, including Get The Fuck Up featuring Stella MC, Stupid Theme and Pump and Flop. They're also well known for they're remixes of Nick Supply's Hiznhiz, Alex Schmitz's Beat Goes Boom and Micky Slim's Hit The Club.

I've stuck a couple of tunes below that I shouldn't be in trouble of informing you of as they've already been uploaded onto the net by other peeps. However, if you do like they're material then I really emplore you to head over to their beatport page and purchase some of they're remixes from this year, and they're most recent release The Sexual Peanut, which is the best name for a tune I've heard in a while.

They've also recently just finished they're newest mixtape in time for the summer festivities to begin, filled with some juices beats and basslines.

1. Stupid Fresh & Stellar MC - Not Gonna Stop (Final Version)
2. Rockwell D - Plain Loco
3. Wongo - Feel Good (Nick Supply & Slidzik Remix)
4. TJR - Good Evening Chicago (Klaus Hill Remix)
5. Boltan - Creepy (Mighty Fools Remix)
6. Aniki - 6.15
7. The Funk Out - Sound Boy Killa (Twisted Bitz Remix)
8. Man Like Me - London Town (Foamo Remix)
9. Scott Cooper - African Drum (Rockwell D Remix)
10. *Artist Unknown (forgotten)* - Get up, Yeah (Stupid Fresh Remix)
11. Shab Ruffcut - Twist (Stupid Fresh Remix)
12. Boltan - Laughing Through My Teeth (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
13. The Funk Out - Big Dick (Bill Eff's Big Bass Remix)
14. Lovestation - Teardrops (The Funk Out Remix)

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